Products & Services

R3 Consulting Group offers Strategic Multi-industrial Consulting Services, Product Distribution and Project Management team with a focus in the Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and specialty technologies and product sectors.

Solar Energy Systems

The modern world offers huge potential. More people are better educated than ever before and scientific knowledge and technology offers solutions to most of the world's problems. The responsibility of business is to ensure that there is economic activity that helps the world to progress, and initiatives that address the subject of solar.

CyberSecurity Technology Partner

We believe in keeping our clients protected and their information safe. We work in joint effort with our strategic partner CyberGhost Security to insure the most efficient, effective and secure technology. CyberGhost was designed and is operated by the most elite White Hat Hackers in the space who each adhere to CMMC compliance regulations. The CyberGhost team are typically 13 to 15 steps ahead of the Black Hat Hackers because they think like them but are known as ethical security hackers.

CyberGhost offers their Software which eliminates 13 additional softwares, Application's and infrastructure. Learn more at:

Oil & Gas Production & Operations

Refinery operation, maintenance, start up, consulting, and contracting as well as distribution of both crude and finished products.

Personal Protective Equipment

Distribution, sales, and shipping of PPE equipment including masks, gloves, and test kits.

Non-Insurance Healthcare & Lifestyle Benefits

In today’s economy we offer an economic non-insurance healthcare benefit solution for Ministries, Churches, Charities and Companies while protecting and enhancing each member and their loved ones lives. With the rising cost of healthcare, the underinsured, the non- insured, the underserved face daily challenges. This creates an adverse affect on all of the before-mentioned organizations. These programs create an additional revenue stream for our partners while delivering a program with True Value.